Franchise Opportunity

Application Procedure:
1. Complete the application form.
2. Search for the appropriate shop property.
3. Provide photos of the shop property and map of its nearby area.
4. Receive professional investment and return analyses from Baleno.
5. On-site shop visit and evaluation will be arranged by Baleno.
6. Complete the relevant licensing procedures by signing the rental agreement.
7. Sign the Baleno Partnership Agreement.
8. Prepare for the operation with professional support offered by Baleno.  
9. Start the business!


Requirements for Shop:
1. Located on the busiest commercial area in the region;
2. For provinces or metropolis, the ability of operating 2 shops concurrently is also required;
3. Shop net area of at least 80-100 m², excluding the storage area;
4. Facade billboard of 6m or above and preferably without any pillars inside the shop. 
5. Rental agreement of 3 years or above.


Items Required for Application:
1. Completed Application Form;

2. Nearby area sketch – Outlining the business area on a piece of A4 paper with the locations of shops, supermarkets, malls and etc. (Clearly labeling the brands);

3. Photos/video clip – Showing the proposed shop property and the nearby shops;

4. Floor plan of the proposed shop property (with measurements);
5. Annual operation budget– including rent, salary, water and electricity bill, tax, miscellaneous fees and etc;
6. The most updated map of the region (2 pieces).


Please send us the 6 items by express delivery. Incomplete items or information will affect the application process. Thank you for your cooperation.


NOTE: The on-site observation will be conducted according to the priority of developmental preferences of each area. Therefore, PLEASE DON’T RENT ANY PROPERTY IN ADVANCE.

Baleno reserves the final right of choosing its business partners without any obligations of further explanations.  


Contact Information
Address:       4/F, Fortune Plaza, No.118 TiYu East Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, P.R.C.  
Code:            510620

Company:     Guangzhou Friendship Baleno Co. Ltd.
Hotline:         +86-20-8510 7888